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Dr. Chiodo is a CHARACTER FIRST!® consultant.

What Others are Saying About "Character-Driven Success"

"Great motivational presentation. Honed in on the real need in today's world – character."
Col. Bernard J. McCabe, Manager, Global Security, Marathon Oil Company

"You taught me more in two hours, than many have in a life-time!"
Talvin Paul, Vice President, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

"This is an eye-opening experience that has changed the way I will lead others."
Daniel Liszewski, Business Development Manager, Corporate Security Solutions

Roger Galvan, Commissioner, Calhoun County, TX

"Fantastic presentation, the best communication group presentation I have ever attended."
Dennis Gaver, Frontline Manager, IRS

"Dr. Chiodo's presentation changed my view of the personnel I am responsible for. . ."
Joseph Longway, Captain, Criminal Investigations, Texas Department of Public Safety

"Magnificent presentation! It could turn this country around!”
Michael Golden, Lufkin ISD Teacher

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Dr. Beverly Chiodo is a business educator at Southwest Texas State University. She is also a consultant and seminar speaker for professional organizations, community programs, and industry.

She has received state and national recognition for her teaching including National Business Teacher for 1997 by the National Business Education Association. She has also been "Hero of the Day" on CBS national TV program, This Morning.

Dr. Jerome Supple, President of Southwest Texas State University said, "She has won every teaching award this university has to offer."

Invite this award-winning, inspiring speaker to your organization's next gathering where she can teach your group about the importance of character.


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